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Meet the women leading Savills’ UK board

Meet the women leading Savills’ UK board

July 3, 2019

On this week’s episode of the REWIRE podcast host Samantha McClary is joined by four women who sit on Savills’ UK board:

  • Sian Tunney - a director in the licensed leisure team and sits on the board with responsibility for the wider leisure division
  • Jane Cronwright-Brown - national head of residential lettings and sits on a number of Savills boards, including lettings operations, UK residential operations and the UK residential strategy board
  • Katrina Mackay - head of client services in the property management division; and
  • Nina Coulter – a director in the residential development sales business who specialises in London development.

Over the course of the conversation the women talk about the evolution of the Savills UK leadership board to one that is more representative of the workforce, how that has opened up new discussions and more flexible working practices within the business, and made it easier to both attract and retain talent.

The quartet also reveal what advice they would give to their younger selves to make sure the capitalise on the opportunities that inevitably come our way.


A new work order

A new work order

June 26, 2019

In this latest episode of EG’s REWIRE podcast, host Samantha McClary talks with Virginia Clegg, senior partner at DAC Beachcroft, Valeria Segovia, principal and design director at Gensler, Louise Kennison, head of people development and engagement at Swan Housing Group and Matt Reed, head of retail asset management at British Land about how business needs to be flexible and inclusive if it is to deliver the new work order.

We talk about making workplaces functional for the wide range of workers and working attitudes that are now prevalent, how to create places that help rather than hinder returners to work and much much more.


The five Fs of future female leaders

The five Fs of future female leaders

June 19, 2019

Fear, failure, fairness, feedback and fun: The five vital elements that can either make or break an individual’s ability and willingness to speak in public.

In this podcast, recorded live at the London Real Estate Forum,  we gather five women involved in EG’s Future Female Leaders programme to find out how all of us can face the fear and do it anyway, perhaps even having a little fund along the way.

Listen in for invaluable advice and insight from 

  • Katie Whipp, head of client development, Cluttons
  • Monique Sutherland, UK head of development, DLA Piper
  • Thomasin Renshaw, director of development, Grosvenor
  • Catherine Schaefer, head of human resources, Nuveen
  • Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, founder, Ginger Public Speaking

Hosted by EG editor Samantha McClary

Discovering real estate’s future female leaders

Discovering real estate’s future female leaders

May 29, 2019

In this very special episode of the REWIRE podcast, host Samantha McClary meets Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, the founder of Ginger Public Speaking to talk about an epic new programme EG is launching with Ginger to deliver this industry's future female leaders.

The Future Female Leader's programme is a four month public speaking course, delivered by Ginger's experts, that with partners Nuveen, Knight Frank, Cluttons and Arup, offers 12 women from across the industry a unique opportunity to be part of an amazing learning experience.

Listen in to find out more and make sure to pick up your copy of EG this weekend for full details.

Twentieth Century Trans: How to help people be their true self

Twentieth Century Trans: How to help people be their true self

May 15, 2019

Antonia Belcher's story is not unheard. She transitioned years ago, with a positive story. With a loving family and supportive work colleagues and, indeed, a booming business.

But transitions don't always go the same way as Antonia's. And she knows that. 

In this podcast Antonia talks to REWIRE host Samantha McClary about the Antonia & Andrea Belcher Trans Fund, a fund Antonia set up with her wife last year to support trans activism around the world.

Through the fund, Antonia wants to support trans charities - charities which currently receive little or no funds - to enable trans people around the world to live their lives freely, to be unafraid to be who they really are.

Listen in to find out about Antonia's journey and why she needs you to help her make a difference.

The Power of paying it forward

The Power of paying it forward

May 1, 2019

Hello and welcome to the lastest REWIRE podcast, a podcast that aims to REWIRE the real estate one story at a time. A podcast that discusses all things diversity and inclusion, from gender, ethnicity, background and sexuality to the diversity of roles there are in the industry, the diverse skills sets required and the need for diverse and inclusive thinking.

In this episode host Samantha McClary talks to Christine Battist, chief financial officer of Avison Young, the Canadian real estate adviser that recently bought GVA and has ambitious expansion plans.

Listen in for an insight into the diversity and inclusion agenda over the pond and into Avison Young’s focus on establishing and growing a more diverse workforce within its own business.

And hear more from Christine, who admits that she has always been a leader, from the playground to today, about the power of sponsors, the power of paying it forward and utilising the power of awareness.

The role of real estate in developing diversity into place

The role of real estate in developing diversity into place

April 17, 2019

In this episode of the REWIRE podcast we talk to James Mitchell from Axiom Architects. Fresh from publishing fresh designs for the Palace of Westminster, which Axiom pondered could stop the deadlock on Brexit, we talk to James about the role that architecture and design has in developing buildings and communities that encourage collaboration, diversity and inclusion.

We ask whether some of the world's most historic buildings, including the Vatican, are still fit for purpose to today's environment or whether the traditional "parliaments of power" need to be replaced with new, more inclusive, designs.

Listen in for an entirely different view on diversity and how we need to rewire the real estate industry.

Real Estate Balance: Why men play a vital role in addressing gender diversity

Real Estate Balance: Why men play a vital role in addressing gender diversity

March 6, 2019

Real Estate Balance is on a mission. It wants to balance this industry. It wants women to play just as important as a role in it as men. And to do that it needs men to be involved in the discussion. It needs the men that currently sat at the top of many of the business in this industry, to lean in. To really understand.


And Real Estate Balance has got a not-so-secret weapon to help it on its journey to achieve that: former head of commercial at LandSec, Kaela Fenn-Smith is smart, charming, dedicated and unafraid to tell it how it is. Which makes her the perfect managing partner to sit along Real Estate Balance chair Vivienne King.


The pair caught up with EG, to discuss just how Real Estate Balance is focused on action, on providing the tools and inspiring confidence for all businesses across the real estate universe to level the sector.


Walking the Talk: why diversity is about more than just tick boxes

Walking the Talk: why diversity is about more than just tick boxes

February 20, 2019

In this episode of the EG REWIRE podcast we speak to half of the senior executive team of community shopping centre investor Ellandi - the female half.

The company is taking diversity and inclusion seriously. It believes that without a diverse and inclusive team - that one that isn't just gender diverse - it cannot deliver the best in class service it wants to deliver to its customers. The shopping centres it manages operate in diverse communities and as such, the team has to fully understand what makes those communities tick.

In this podcast we talk about how diversity is more than just gender, take a look at how disability plays a big role in the D&I agenda, and how communication, understanding and perhaps just being a little bit nicer (trite as it may sound), is key in creating a more balanced built environment.

Listen in to hear from:

  • Alysoun Stewart - chief operating officer
  • Julie Pears - head of future places
  • Stephanie Brew - head of finance
  • Isabelle Hease - head of research and analytics
  • Ruth Moorhouse - asset manager


Closing the Gender Say Gap

Closing the Gender Say Gap

February 14, 2019

In this episode of the EG REWIRE podcast we talk to entrepreneur and founder of marketing agency Man Bites Dog Claire Mason about her campaign to close the Gender Say Gap. We talk about to make women more visible and audible in the world of property, about the power of preparation, conquering fear and how authenticity is the best weapon you may have in your public speaking arsenal.

And we dare the industry has a whole to just audit their gender say gap alongside their gender pay gap this year to help to start the journey to close it.


Find out more about REWIRE and EG's own pledges to help close the Gender Say Gap at